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Outpatient Procedures

Ocean Surgical Pavilion is an accredited ambulatory surgery center (ASC), also known as an outpatient surgery center. Learn more about how an ASC offers a higher quality of care at a lower cost.

Specializing in colorectal cancer screenings, endoscopy procedures, hemorrhoid procedures and the treatment of various other digestive diseases and conditions, Ocean Surgical Pavilion offers state-of-the-art endoscopy rooms furnished with the latest procedure and monitoring equipment. If it’s time for your colon cancer screening and you are over 50 with no symptoms, you can schedule a colonoscopy and see a board-certified specialist and have your procedure done in the same day. Learn more about how Express Scheduling can reduce your colonoscopy costs.

Ocean Surgical Pavilion shares the expertise of Shore Gastroenterology Associates' six board-certified gastroenterologists, who provide high-quality care in a friendly, relaxed setting. When patients choose Ocean Surgical Pavilion, they choose compassionate medicine, doctors that take the time to reassure patients and a friendly, relaxed setting. Patients are also choosing physicians who participate in the national campaign, Stop Colon Cancer Now.